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Can a Bathroom Become a Living Space?

So I'm sure when you walk into a new home, the first thought rushing into your mind is not "Oh I just cannot wait to see the bathrooms!" But you might be surprised at what kind of features bathrooms are offering these days. And no, I'm not talking about throwing a TV on a wall so that you never have to leave the bathtub. I'm talking about the way you can dress up the bathroom once you call the space your own.

Inspired by a home I recently showed to a client, take a scroll through these incredible bathrooms that offer not only a space to take care of business, but also a space to chat, pamper, play dress up, whatever! And all with the use of cleverly casual furniture and design. 


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Grayson's New Focal Feature Welcomes Residents

Downtown Grayson GA

I've been a bad neighbor. For the past several months, every time I drove through downtown Grayson I've wondered what all the off-road mess was about.  But I just brushed it off as some type of new sidewalk project that must be underway. But the actual project is much more impressive.  

While downtown Grayson might be on the smaller side when it comes to downtown areas, the city is still rich in history and offers plenty to do. It's a history that until now, might be a bit difficult to see, as the highlights of city had historically been spread out across rather than in a traditional town square. The latest city project however, serves to bring all these great features together into a single monument. 

Grayson's new Clock Tower has been dubbed "Grayson's Gateway" and serves to welcome residents and visitors into the city. But without a little info, you might miss the symbolism behind the structure's clever design. 

"The rock along the base of the clock tower and constructing the wall is reminiscent of the stone used throughout the area and can be seen in buildings around town and the "Rock Building" which is still a vital part of Grayson Elementary School.  The brick in the middle represents the new growth in Grayson.  The bell symbolizes the traditional call of community; it has been important in Grayson and historic bells can be found in front of Grayson Elementary, our churches, and as part of our City Seal.  The top of the tower is very special.  It resembles the architectural detail found in the original Grayson High School as well as the three original chapels in Grayson- Grayson United Methodist Church, Chestnut Grove Baptist Church and First Baptist Church of Grayson." via

Such a great way to celebrate the city as it grows! With hundreds of new homeowners coming into the city each month, now is a wonderful time to live, work and become a part of the growing Grayson, GA.